April is Heartworm Awareness Month

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HEARTWORMS: Agonizing to treat. Easy to prevent.

Every dog that isn’t on heartworm prevention is at risk for acquiring heartworm disease and becoming sick.

It all starts when a mosquito (VERY prevalent in our area) carrying microscopic heartworm larvae takes a bite, leaving the tiny heartworm larvae behind to infect the dog. The larvae enter the dog through the bite wound and find their way to its veins.

Over the next several months, heartworms develop invisibly within the dog. Eventually they migrate to the arteries of the lungs (where they can grow up to a foot in length) and cause severe lung inflammation and heart failure.

Treatment is lengthy and expensive. Prevention is easy and comparatively inexpensive.

During the month of April, every dog that gets a Heartworm Test done will receive a FREE DOSE of heartworm prevention!!

Ask us for more information about heartworm prevention and visit:

American Heartworm Society

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