530 North Main Street - Barnegat, NJ 08005
Phone: (609) 698-2141
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What We Do

From vaccinations to orthopedic surgery, we are here to help! We perform all routine surgical procedures including dental cleaning and neutering, as well as orthopedic surgery, radiography and ultrasound. For critically ill patients, we are equipped with heated cages and can provide oxygen if necessary. We offer cold laser therapy with K-Laser for pain management cases and also use laser therapy during surgeries to expedite healing time and reduce inflammation in the surgery site. We are proud to say that Dr. Behan is trained in Vet-Stem Cell Therapy. “Vet-Stem Regenerative Medicine uses a concentrated form of autologous adipose-derived adult stem cells to treat traumatic and degenerative diseases, including bowed tendons, ligament injuries, osteoarthritis, and osteochondral defects in horses, dogs and cats.” (As stated on Vet-Stem Cell Therapy website) Please call the office to schedule a consultation or to speak with Dr. Behan about using stem cell therapy for your pet.

How We Do It

We have the latest in technology for anesthesia, utilizing inhalation anesthesia for most procedures. The anesthetized patients are monitored with heart and respiratory rates, as well as blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. Our in-house laboratory is equipped to perform blood counts and serum chemistries in an hour or less. We do not offer boarding for pets unless the animal is under a doctor’s care or is a critical care patient. For your convenience, we carry most commonly prescribed medications in stock. Some controlled and less commonly prescribed medications must be obtained from a pharmacy by prescription. We provide written prescriptions or phone-in the order to your local pharmacy. Some medications previously prescribed can be refilled without re-examination, provided the patient has been seen by one of our doctors within the last twelve months. All medication refills must be approved by a doctor. In order to avoid delays, please request your refills in at least 24 hours in advance by calling the office or using our refill request page on this site.

Who We Treat

Our practice is limited to small animals and pets. We treat dogs, cats, small rodents, birds and rabbits. Not all of our doctors see rodents or similar small pets so please be aware there is a limited schedule for them.


If you have encountered wildlife that is in need of medical assistance, please contact NJ Fish & Wildlife or a licensed rehabilitator. To view the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife’s list of licensed N.J. Wildlife Rehabilitators, click here.